Linear Tube Audio ZOTL 10 Mk2

The next generation of the ZOTL10, the Mk.II, has a beefy linear power supply. Designed with ultra-low noise Belleson regulators, the transformer is in a separate enclosure in order to ensure the lowest noise floor possible. The ZOTL10 Mk.II is an expression of EL84 amplification that is accurate, uncolored, and now at another level. A redesigned backplate features WBT binding posts, copper RCA jacks, separate inputs allowing either a direct-to-board connection or the use of a volume control. After extensive listening, we've reconfigured the output wiring to improve the sound and shortened signal paths whenever possible. There are two inputs, one direct and one with a volume control. The standard unit has an Alps Blue Velvet volume control for those that are skipping the preamp.  The Alps pot is a very nice, respected volume control, but for those that want a remote and zero signal degradation, we now offer an optional remote stepped attenuator utilizing Dale 1% precision resistors. All ZOTL10 models are upgradeable to the new power supply.


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Micro ZOTL 10 mk2



Remote, stepped resistor volume

High Quality Puritan Audio Laboratories mains cable 1 meter

High Quality Puritan Audio Laboratories mains cable 1,5 meter







Key specifications:

Sensitivity: 1.2V RMS for 10 watts output  
Output impedance: 1.2 ohms
Input impedance: 50k
100V / 120V / 240V operation: Auto-switching
Hum and noise: 94dB below full output (measured at 20Hz-20kHz)
Power output with 4-ohm load: 12W, 0.5% THD
Power output with 8-ohm load: 10W, 0.5% THD
Frequency response (8-ohm load): 6Hz to 60kHz, +0, -.5dB
Amplifier class: Push-pull Class AB
Voltage gain (8-ohm load): 18dB
Size: 9 inches (23 cm) wide, 8 1/2 inches (22 cm) tall, 18 inches (46 cm) deep (including connectors), 7.25" L x 4.75" W x 4.12" H
AC umbilical: 24"
Net weight: Amplifier: 14 lbs./6.4 kg, Transformer case: 5.1 lbs/2.3 kg
Finish: Aluminum case
Tube complement: two 12AT7s, two 12AU7s, and four EL-84s

Speaker sensitivity & room recommendation.

LTA amplifier owners have found great enjoyment using their amps with a variety of speaker outside of the below ranges. The below are guidelines, not rules. If you have questions about your specific speakers, chances are someone we know has tried them. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about your specific setup.

Critical listening environments: 90db sensitivity and above

Smaller rooms / lower volume levels / non-critical listening: 88db sensitivity and above.

Also, don’t forget we have a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy.

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