Linear Tube Audio  Z10 integrated

Linear Tube Audio Z10 integrated

VAT Included

Z10 integrated belongs to the small group consisting of the elite among integrated amps. The amp is composed around a preamp designed by David Berning and the Zotl 10 mk2 poweramp added with LTA's digital user interface. Advanced stepped volume control is included in the price. This is LTA's first higher powered integrated amp - and it is a huge succes. This amp is now available with a RIAA preamp as a option.

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RIAA module
Mains cable

2 x 10 watt in 8 ohm. 1 XLR input, 3 RCA input, tape rec/monitor, hi/low headset outputs, 1 set of speaker terminals. This amp is recomended for speakers with a sensitivity of 91dB/1 watt and above.