Holo Audio Spring 2, Level 1

Holo Audio Spring 2, Level 1


The Spring 2, Level 1 is the successor of the famous Spring. This dac using discrete components is a difficult engineering task. It is a result of that the semiconductor industry discontinued the integrated circuits because they became to expensive while at the same time having the soundquality as a primary design goal. Jeff Zhu's patent made the impossible possible. The R2R technology done with discrete components provide typical 16 bit resolution. Holo and the patent they hold deliver 23-24 bit. . The new Spring 2 has an  new powersupply, new firmware and a new display. The powerconsume is reduced and add better bit resolution since the R2R technology is sensitive to high temperatures. Remote is NOT included in this version. Mains cable is NOT included. Both Can be bought seperate.

Holo is today rated among the best new developed DAC's when talking about money vs. quality.

Mains cable

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