MHDT Laboratory


MHDT Laboratory is back on the EU continent. Origin from Taiwan and owned by 4 enthusiatic people that one day decided to build their

own dac's. The lack of musicality and the organic presentation found from vinyl players was missing in the, at that time, available dac's in the market. MHDT was founded and the fab four started MHDT.


Okay so what does MHDT stand for? It is the owner chines zodiac names translated in to English - M=Mouse, H=Horse, D=Dog and T=Tiger. And as a Tiger MHDT have with speed, finesse and clever engineering nailed their name in to the market as a  serious audio manufacture. MHDT also mean - Music Heaven Development Team. With a series of dacs based on "old school" integrated circuits from Philips and later also Burr& Brown and Analog Devices the success hit MHDT quite early in their short lifetime.


Common for all MHDT dac's using these circuits is the use of no filtering and no over/upsampling. All dac's is based on the R2R ladder technique. You might think that they then don't work with modern streamers that provide 24bit resolution? Don't worry they do.

We are happy to present MHDT because just like our amplifiers this is simplicity and music in its purest form.