Holo Audio is the brainchild of Jeff Zhu. Using the R2R technique is not new. The first digital converter IC's work like that. We still see these old IC's in the market and often combined with tube output stages. Since the compact disc hit the market there has been a constant search for manufacturing cd players and later digital to analogue converters (dac) delivering an analogue organic sound known from the vinyls.

Today we see that some of the best sounding dac's is R2R and from brands that build discrete converters. No IC's and on top of that they give the user the choice to de-select oversampling filters. These modern and fine converters cost a fortune.

Jeff Zhu looked into this and designed a discrete converter where he took a patent on his technology and presented the market for an discrete R2R converter to a very attractive price. Now today Holo Audio is by the media and its many owners considered to be among the best modern digital conerter you can own.

Holo Audio offer 3 series. Entry level is the CYAN then SPRING 2 and third the newest one MAY which is Holo Audio's contribution to a endgame dac. All converters provide all known inputs including the best of all -the i2S. Common for all models is that they all provide both RCA and a true balanced XLR outputs.


Holo Audio is all about versatility, analogue sound, cool prices and many hours of non fatigue listening. On this page we will present as much info as possible. Holo Audio's converters deliver technical spec on the edge of what the measuring equipment can resolve. And at the same time deliver a top notch audio reproduction.

Square wave measuent with and without Oversampling.
NOS provide no ringing.

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