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Wow Factor is the official agent and supplier of Linear Tube Audio in Europe/Schengen


ZOTL 10 integrated.

CNET / Steve Guttenberg said about our Zotl 10 Integrated:


"There's nothing vintage about the sound; to the contrary the Z10 is a high-resolution champ, big on transparency and presence."



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Why not hear it from the inventor himself? Click the link and read about the amazing ZOTL technology published on David Berning's website:



We co-operate with partners. The equipment or service we use in our company is supplied by our partners and chosen not only because of their offerings but also because they have the customer in focus.


We stand 100% behind our partners and will without hesitation give them our recommendation. 

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Question: "Which gear do you use in your demo room?" Reply: "Well we use a wide selection of gear that match the quality of LTA's amps and show their versatility. There are many good brands in the market and our selection changes from time to time. As an extra feature, we can change the acoustics in the demo room so it emulates different home scenarios. If you by any chance is in our neighbourhood then please book an appointment. If you come from far away we can help you booking accommodation at the beach hotel next door. You are of course welcome to bring your own equipment if you need a reference of your own.

Question: "Is it possible to buy the gear you use in your demo room?" Reply: "Yes it is possible for most of the brands. You get them factory new. Sometimes we sell some of our demo gear and you can find the items listed in our "Demo & Trade-in" section. There can be a couple of exceptions on non LTA products as ex. local country agreements. But let's have a talk about your wishes and requirements.

Currently we use the following gear: Analogue source - Basis Audio 2002 & Audio Technica At-LP5 turntable, The Wand Master series 9" tonearm, DS Audio E1 cartridge, Decca London Gold cartridge & Audio Technica AT-150MLX. Digital sources - streamers: Innuos ZenMini MK3 + LPS, SoundAware A1 PRO. CD-Player: Marantz CD5000. User surface: iPad & Roon. Dac: Topping, MHDT & DIY TDA 1543x60. Speakers: Avantgarde Acoustics Duo G1, Mirage M7-Si, Lii Audio and Chameleon 152. Cables: Zonotone, Van den Hul, Tara Labs, Isoda, Monster Cable and mains wire. Power cables & filters: Ordinary “El cheapo” IEC & Puritan Audio Laboratories.




Wow Factor started the representation of Linear Tube Audio late 2018 for the Danish market. In January and after gaining a lot of experience we expanded our co-operation and now cover EU/Schengen. In the first part of our relationship with LTA issues and concerns like warranty, re-export to the USA for repair/ upgrades, long-distance shopping, support etc. popped up frequently. Now with Wow Factor as the EU/Schengen representative, these concerns are now eliminated.

At Wow Factor you buy LTA amplifiers on the same conditions as in the US and get it delivered right to your doorstep without any hassle. Teaming up with LTA as the European/Schengen importer we now extend the warranty from 1 to 2 years on LTA amplifiers and 6 months on the tubes. We also offer the same return/refund terms and conditions.

Like LTA we also handle other brands. They can be purchased here either in our bundle offers or as single units. All you have to do is to sign up to a free membership where we send you relevant offers and information in return. At Wow Factor you will benefit from plus 30 years in the hifi and pro-audio industry. We have covered, and still do, all aspects from idea, design, research, production and delivering true high-quality products that bring music to life. We pursue simplicity because to be an audiophile don't need to be complicated - it's a matter of making advanced technology to be the tool to enjoy music in an easy way.

“Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art”


Frederic Chopin, composer

Born in 1810, Zelazowa Wola, Poland

Disease in 1849, Paris, France

Here at Wow Factor it is all about music. Let it be live concerts or beats and rhythm bouncing out of our speakers. Our mission is to spread the word about good quality hifi gear and share the music we enjoy.

In fact, it is quite simple and it is all displayed here on this site and on the social media.

Everybody can join - no audiophile experience is necessary. Keywords - keep it simple, sublime sound, pleasant design and high quality vs. money. Easy right? It should be because we are not interested in all the technical hot air. We don’t really care. If you like we can have a tech talk - no problem - and you can find in deep info on our site - but in the end, it's all about you and how you feel like when listening to your gear and favourite music. Exquisite reviews and customer testimonials back it all up.

All this is why we are proud to represent Linear Tube Audio here in Europe/Schengen.

Because by sharing and working together we "Bring Music to life"



LTA was established in 2015. The company has in its short lifetime gained tremendous success. LTA is today recognized to be in the absolute elite of high-performance audio. Hand-built in Washington D.C/Maryland/USA. Designed by Mark Schneider and David Berning. The platform in these gems are the patented design named ZOTL- "Zero hysteresis Output TransformerLess"

The company build vacuum tube amplifiers not using the traditional output transformers. The ZOTL technology does not include the many downsides found in traditional OTL tube amps and tube amps. LTA's amplifiers have the organic sound known and loved from vacuum tubes combined with the wide frequency area, speed and details from solid-state amplifiers.

A match made in heaven.

Before Mark Schneider founded Linear Tube Audio in 2015. He came from an extensive engineering career that included management, manufacturing, and product design – including being the architect behind the fastest document scanner in the world – Mark was forced into early medical retirement. After a remarkable, multi-year recovery, he decided to commit himself to the passion that started a long time ago with a pair of 3-panel Magnepans, a Thorens turntable with an SME arm, and some SAE amplifiers. He opened Urban Hifi and here he sold amplifiers made by David Berning. The MicroZOTL or the nicknamed "Blue box" sold quite well. It was suddenly discontinued. After app. 8 years still in demand motivated Mark Mark Schneider to contact David Berning and not much later Linear Tube Audio was founded.

Linear Tube Audio debuted by introducing an improved version of David Berning’s original MicroZOTL named MicroZOTL2.0. For the amps following, Mark and David have worked collaboratively, with David designing the core amplifier circuitry to Mark’s specifications, and LTA creating the rest of the unit. 

Since the debut of ZOTL technology, no one else has been able to successfully manufacture David Berning’s complex designs. It was this uniqueness and complexity that attracted Mark to producing ZOTL amplifiers specifically, in addition to their spectacular sound. Each amplifier requires hours of hand-building, which is currently done by Mark and his team in their Washington, DC workshop. David Berning personally reviews initial units to ensure that the build quality meets his extremely high standards.

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